1. Brock just noticed that the tag on my shirt mentions that it’s made out of dad material


  2. Such a rebel


  3. Me and the wife. #throwbackthursday


  4. Ready to geek out!


  5. Ancient Hawaiians say: bourbon before bourbon before gin before gin before tequila before gin is probably an unwise decision.


  6. I feel like we should be in a buddy cop movie or something. ‘Hawaii 5-0…0’


  7. Awk


  8. Ancient Hawaiians say: “Never eat the coconut you find in the dark.”


  9. #tbt to Caroline’s Sweet 16 because I looked good for once. Definitely pulled off the bowtie/suspenders. Matt Smith knows what looks good.


  10. Plz- call me “Commander”


  11. I did like how I looked under the gown tho


  12. But first- #letmetakeaselfie


  13. #transformationtuesday Marisa’s Sweet 16 vs. Caroline’s Sweet 16. Six years apart. Same deejay. I think we’ve gotten whiter.


  14. Well, certainly not drunk (somehow), but it was a fun night nonetheless. Had a few drinks, had some good conversations, got some crazy pictures, caught up with a few people, blahblahblah.

    And I actually got hella complimented on my outfit, which was nice and unexpected.

    But I need to be up for a 9am quiz/test that I’ve barely studied for, and then I’m going into work, boooo


  15. As promised, anon, a bad-angle of shot of me in the bow-tie.