1. Anonymous asked: You're super cool man, right on.

    Rock on, greyfacebro.


  2. Anonymous asked: Merely dropping in to say that your eyebrow game? On point.


    Well, that’s a first.  Now I can stop worrying about if my eyebrow game strong or not!


  3. Anonymous asked: I wish I was sitting on your face right about now.

    imagewow srsly u sure about that

    like look at that i’s all gross and blotchy and there’s even a nose sticking up outta there that could get all up in places, that sounds uncomfortable, like you might need a booster seat or something


  4. Long hair looks really pretty on girls (so does short hair- just my opinion, you go do whatever you want with your hair), but god how the heck do you handle it like my hair is “long” and it feels really hot and uncomfortable and sometimes I just want to shave it all off, so is that what it feels like all the time for girls with long hair? because if so that sucks


  5. Pastel colors paired with a grey sweater help make it feel like spring, instead of a 20-degree windpocalypse.


  6. This is my “9am is too f&*#! $ early to be making pizza” face


  7. Okay, I’m up, now someone make me not have to go to work all day


  8. Yaaayyyy I went to bed at 5am and there was no snow at all so class wasn’t cancelled, and I feel like death and I just want to read and sleep until tomorrow.

    But I also kinda want to finish re-organizing my bookshelf

    and maybe start watching Band of Brothers, because The Pacific got me in a WWII mood.


  9. Even softer grunge


  10. Follow 4 moar soft grunge


  11. deadlydinos asked: HEART N PENCIL :D


    I really thought that I could draw these better…



  13. calderonbeta asked: ♥

    image(It’s a really bad octopus!)


  14. tv-and-movies-all-day asked: ✔ :D



  15. mdca asked: ☾ A llama, please.