1. Good comics week.

    • Action Comics #12
    • Animal Man #12
    • Earth 2 #4
    • JLI #12
    • Swamp Thing #12
    • Hawkeye #1
    • Manhattan Projects #5

    The “Rotworld” prologue in Animal Man/Swamp Thing was pretty great.  Not too confusing, with delightfully weird and appropriate art.

    Action Comics was good, but not groundbreaking.  I’m keeping my eye on that new hardcover, though.

    Earth 2 was pretty good, nice to see Al Pratt come into focus now.  And it was cool to see GL facing off again against Grundy.  I also like how GL’s powers are based.  Like, he’s pretty much a mix between a traditional GL and Swamp Thing.  He’s like a “Green” avatar, with the ability to make light constructs.  Similarly, Grundy has a very “Rot” feel about him, so it’s cool to see the “Rotworld” story kinda reflected in Earth 2.

    JLI gave me feels, being the (now second-to) last issue.  I really wish that it could keep going on; I’ve always liked Jurgens writing Booster Gold, and these stories are very Booster-centric.  Plus, they’ve introduced me to some new characters, and I’ve actually grown to like them.

    Hawkeye was pretty great.  I didn’t have too much faith in it, but I liked it almost immediately.  Plus, it was great to see Clint use some other ass-kicking moves in his repertoire, other than his bow & arrow.  The art was simplistic, yet it works for the story being told.  I’m very much looking forward to issue 2.

    Manhattan Projects was delightfully odd (as usual), and actually relatively easy t follow along.  And it was nice to hear Dr. Oppenheimer say something besides “Hmmmmm!” for once.