1. So, am I the only one wondering if they’ll be addressing Thanos’ place of birth in the movies?

    Like, he’s supposed to be from Titan, the largest moon of Saturn.

    But like

    Titan isn’t like Asgard, where they’re like “well, it’s thousands of light years away or some shit, it’s not like anybody except the Asgardians/other interstellar travelers could actually get there”.

    Titan is, relatively, right in our back yard.

    Like, we’ve sent a good amount of satellites there to check it out (as it’s one of those fancy “might have once held life/be capable of sustaining life” elitist moons).

    And we would’ve like

    you know

    noticed a big-ass civilization there at some point


    or am I just being stupid and waaay over-thinking this?

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    No, I was wondering the same thing. Unless I’m over-thinking it too.
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