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    “Now let me tell you, let me tell you something about ‘values.’  Because, I’ll tell you right now — and Anne over here can back me up on this — Barack Obama?  He doesn’t know anything about values.  Nothing about the values, the values of anything.  Of principles.  He is content to let the America that we know, that we all know and love just wither on the vine.  And you know, I don’t take too kindly to the notion of withering on a vine, like, like a grapevine.  No, I don’t think withering is a, is a, um, is a value of any sort.  Not at all.  It’s certainly not an American value, and I think there’s a pill for that.  (Uncomfortable laughter.)  Withering on the vine, that’s not value.  Not value to you or me or anyone else, else in this great, this great country called ‘America.’  Now, you say well, what about you, Mitt?  What do you know about values?  Well my friends, I founded Staples, and that’s full of values.  (Applause.)  That was easy!  (Laughter.)”


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    the “I’m richer, hence I have more value" might actually make more sense :)
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    Bullshit soft ball meaningless nothing polls. How is this even closely relevant to choosing a president?
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    Well that was painful to read. If anything, we want Obama back in the White House because our ears will probably start...
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    And what is Mitt Romney? A man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing. h/t Oscar Wilde, wish you...
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