1. streeter:

    I’d like to launch an awareness campaign aimed at rude New Yorkers, written in a style they’ll understand, so that one day, maybe, they won’t be quite so shitty. 

    I should note that most New Yorkers are completely wonderful, caring people. It’s just that some of us seem to enjoy the “New Yorkers are assholes” thing a bit too much. 

    (via whitewhine)

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    Don’t forget to walk on the left side of the escalator!
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    Don’t Be A Fucking Asshole on the NYC Subway I’d like to launch an awareness campaign aimed at rude New Yorkers, written...
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    People still read newspapers?
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    the worst thing for me were the violent and unpredictable passengers who would randomly harass strangers for no reason...
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    Yeah, I remember dealing with some of this. I was more annoyed with people who wouldn’t let me stand with my back...
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    But these really should go up in the subway
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    we need this in LA too.